Open doors hands-free ...

Open doors hygienically...

...even doors with a latch!

See for yourself - watch the video!

See for yourself - watch the video

SafeOpen allows you to use more PUSH and less PULL. Stronger muscles groups make for an effortless task.

Easy to use - and safer too

With its unique angled pressure plate, SafeOpen allows you to  simply step and PUSH the door open with the side or toe of your sole. And because you are approaching from the side (as opposed to face on), you're less likely to be struck by the door opening suddenly. Even better, SafeOpen is elevated above floor level, so there is built-in foot clearance as an added safety measure.

Easy to install

With heavy gauge stainless steel screws (supplied), all you need to do is level SafeOpen with the bottom of the door, mark the holes and fix it on. With Aluminium doors, you'll need to pilot drill first, although we'd recommend you do this for wooden doors also.

If you have an automatic closer, make sure that it's not over pressured. They can easily be adjusted if necessary. Besides, in most countries there are limits imposed by accessibility legislation and building regulations. It's a good time to get that right.

The good news is, because SafeOpen is designed for PUSH movements, you can exert more power than simply pulling.

Industrial Durability

Hospital grade stainless steel

Biomechanically optimised for major muscle groups

Health & Safety (OHS/WSH) optimised for safety in use


Industrial manufacture - Usability by design

  • Hospital grade stainless steel

    Indestructible 2.5mm stainless steel. Resistant to bleach, oxidising agents, and aggressive detergents.

  • Biomechanically optimised

    SafeOpen allows you to use your powerful quadriceps to PUSH the door open (see video). 

  • Health and Safety

    Hands free hygiene plus workplace safety. Foot and body clearance

  • Easy install and use

    SafeOpen's easy fit design will have people opening doors hands-free in minutes.

Easy Installation

You'll need a marker, a drill, a (power)screwdriver and appropriate personal protective equipment.