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Is SafeOpen a DIY product?

SafeOpen can be fitted by any competent home improver, but is designed to be an industrial product. Read FAQs on technical,  ergonomic and safety advantages below.

At these times we would encourage you to spread the love around and help provide work for others - carpenters, builders, general maintenance people. Particularly if you have many SafeOpen units to install. As  professionals they might be able to solve a few other things while they're there. We've gone into places and done a quick installation, but in the process we've made a couple of expert adjustments that solved a problem that people had been living with for years (vastly over-tensioned door closers for example).

What are the technical advantages of SafeOpen?

What are the Health and Safety advantages of SafeOpen?

Where do you ship to?

What are your shipping rates?

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