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SafeOpen was invented in response to the COVID-19 crisis, by two friends, Dr Kiki Tanousis (a Brit) and Colin Brumley (an Aussie). Kiki has a background in door manufacture, expertise in guiding innovative companies and a PhD in Immunology. Colin has a long-established sheet metal manufacturing business and has been a steel man for over 30 years. He has a passion for beekeeping, self-sufficiency, and is as comfortable in the bush as he is on the shopfloor.

Kiki and Col before the world changed.

We designed SafeOpen with the following in mind.

  • Biomechanical efficiency - it had to work with the body
  • Scalable manufacture - it had to be able to be produced quickly and in bulk
  • High Spec – it had to be meet the highest standards of durability and chemical resistance
  • Health and Safety – any risks in use had to be anticipated and pre-empted by design
  • Easy installation – fitting should be simple

A building fitted with SafeOpen will provide people with the visible comfort that all things are being done to ensure their safety - whether they are employees, customers or colleagues.
SafeOpen can be easily fitted by a competent home improvement enthusiast. But if you have the means, spread the love around, and keep someone employed.
We hope that some of our larger customers will contribute to the livelihoods of carpenters, builders and tradesmen - by asking these professionals to fit SafeOpen for them. And they'll be able to do the job really fast.

So let’s get moving. We have seen the cost of slow responses all over the world.
Let’s do our bit to outrun this virus


More detail

A key objective in the control of the coronavirus pandemic is what people call “flattening the curve”. Most of us understand what that is now, but as a reminder, it is about slowing down transmission so that less people are ill at the same time, giving our hospital systems the ability to cope with increased demands without being overwhelmed.
Keeping our hands clean is critical to reducing transmission. Most of us are getting an appreciation of how this works. If hands touch a contaminated surface, the contamination is sitting there on your hands like a time bomb – until you wash them.
And what are some of the most contaminated surfaces our hands encounter?
Yep, you got it. Door handles and knobs. Here is a report from CBS, from back in 2014: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/one-germy-doorknob-can-infect-half-your-office-within-hours/
It ain’t rocket science. 
Open doors hands-free and let's flatten the curve one door at a time.

Patent Pending
Design Registered